SMS Notification Platform for Construction Projects

Rafters makes notifications & updates to project members easy.

Target your notifications by channel, subcontractor, location, or custom group. We're construction veterans and Silicon Valley nerds who understand the unique challenges that face your job site. Imagine a job site where alerts, updates, and instructions are provided to the appropriate people–without the hassle of installing another app on everyone's phone. We're also project based so no more worrying about per user fees.

1. Updates for Plans

Plans change, it's just part of the job. But never dance to an old beat again. Instantly update the appropriate people when a plan is updated.

2. Material Deliveries

Notify crew members that materials are delivered or expected to be delivered. Rafters enables project foremen to quickly mobilize team members.

3. Phase Completions

Notify trades that specific areas of your projects have reached completion of their current phase.

4. Location Based Updates

Rafters has a location management system that allows crew members to subscribe to specific locations. They can both consume and create notifications for specific locations.

5. Project Wide Notifications

In seconds Rafters allows you to notify all personnel on a project of safety or weather concerns

6. Observations

Location based notifications enables project users to make and record observations that are specific to a certain area.

7. Any Phone  

Every member on a project is now within reach of up to date project information. Project Admins can directly alert members through SMS text messages. No crazy new app to download and learn.

8. Inspections & Walkthroughs

Remind trades of planned walkthroughs and inspections in areas that they are currently working in or around.

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